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Featured Openings

(all openings are pro bono positions)

Volunteer Coordinator

Worldwide / Remote Work / Part-time

If you enjoy working with people in an international environment and have an affinity for administrative tasks, this might be the right challenge for you.

As our Volunteer Coordinator, you will support us with managing and growing our volunteer base.
In particular, you will be asked to manage one or more of the following tasks:

  • Plan, coordinate and manage the volunteer program;
  • Recruit, train, cultivate relationships and supervise volunteers;
  • Provide education and awareness of the Foundation’s programs and volunteer opportunities to the community;
  • Prepare records and reports and maintain volunteer applications, files and records.

Communication / Public Relations Expert

Worldwide / Remote Work / Part-time

 Are you passionate about advertising and communication? Have you already worked in strategic communication and have an established network? 

As our Public Relations Expert, you will help us handle our communication with the public, including partners, sponsors and donors, social media and the internet, and others through media relations or press relations.

As such, you will be asked to manage one or more of the following tasks:

  • Handle special events and promotions (publicity, meeting planning);
  • Seek to further the Foundation’s interests with the various “publics” with which it needs to communicate;
  • Monitor and report on developing issues, legislation, and regulations that impact the organization’s area of concern (issues management, public affairs, crisis management); and
  • Manage and put into place the organization’s communication program (publications, speech writing, promotional writing).

Social Media Ambassador

Worldwide / Remote Work / Part-time

Are you already a passionate blogger, someone who is curious about things that matter and knows how to write very compelling, emotional short stories?

Then, think about becoming a social media ambassador and helping our cause to be known and supported across the web! You will help support the Communication team in expanding our reach on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Share our content and surf the web to find innovation impact and peacebuilding stories, events, projects, and resources.

Help find guest bloggers to share their stories about waging peace or if you are visually creative lend a hand in the graphic design and/or video development. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Expert Adviser Medical Projects

Worldwide / Remote Work / Part-time

As an expert adviser, you have an excellent background either as a doctor or surgeon and you have experience in managing hospitals or you worked in the pharmaceutical sector.

You will be our go-to person to discuss and shape our medical projects. These projects center around providing medical expertise to UN field hospitals and international medical personnel in refugee camps as well as finding better solutions for the supply chain of pharmaceutical products, blood plasma and other medical supplies to hard-to-reach locations.

You will play an important role in liaising with medical UN staff, for instance in our BlueArch initiative. Part of your task will include to organize and moderate innovation and project workshops, and helping us to prepare presentations for conferences.

Depending on your background and experience, we would also like you to take an active role as our “Medical Ambassador” in establishing and maintaining relations with our innovation partners from the public and private sector, such as blood banks, pharmaceutical companies and providers of drugs and vaccines.

Expert Adviser Education Projects

Worldwide / Remote Work / Project-based

Are you passionate about innovation and technology as a game-changer in education and social impact? Would you enjoy developing out-of-the-box education concepts and projects for underdeveloped countries? Do you want to work hands-on on cutting edge projects that really matter?

As our education expert, you are a senior adviser who will have an important role in defining and upgrading the context in which our innovation initiatives will be implemented. You will help us to develop compelling concepts and projects, such as PeaceTech Campus.

As our “Education Ambassador”, you will help us to work pro-actively with institutional sponsors and individual donors, promote our education initiatives, and develop and refine grant proposals and work with international partners such as universities and ministries for education.

You may also add your insights to creating skill-based training curricula and promotion of talents that will help provide new economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs, especially those supporting women-owned entrepreneurship.

Expert Adviser on Future Technologies

Worldwide / Remote Work / Project-based

Are you a technologist, always curious about what technology and innovation can achieve when brought to people and organizations in need? Are you convinced that technology can become a game-changer in the way humanitarian organizations and the UN work in their field missions, by providing them the right tools?

As our Expert Technology Adviser, you will be tasked to identify and analyse technologies that will make our initiatives unique and cutting-edge, while having a solid sense of what will work in a humanitarian environment and what might not be sufficiently mature, for instance in our Blockchain-for-Peace initiative or in our projects on supply chain solutions.

Your proposals and analyses are outcome- and solution-oriented. You understand the challenges in underdeveloped regions such as insufficient connectivity, distances, power outages and low availability of expert services and trained people.

Part of your task will be to organize and moderate technology workshops, help us to prepare presentations for conferences. You may also analyze and improve grant proposals, review project plans and implementation roadmaps, as well as funding proposals. As our “Technology Ambassador”, you might also contribute by approaching possible industry partners and discussing their involvement as implementation partners.

Copy Editor


Worldwide / Remote Work / Project-based

 If you have a love of language and enjoy working to perfect a sentence, we offer an opportunity as our Copy Editor to use your editing skills to make all our written communication serve the copy editor’s “4-C’s” – clarity, coherence, consistency, and correctness.  

Specifically, as our Copy Editor, you will have one or more of the following responsibilities: 

  • Review and correct written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition;
  • Consider the structure and organization of material and correct internal inconsistencies and discrepancies;
  • Edit mechanical elements such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • Provide comments on any information you know to be incorrect;
  • Point out any biased language without infringing on the author’s meaning;
  • Work closely with writers, suggesting changes to enhance articles’ readability, conciseness and style;
  • Help writers research topics and locate and contact sources.

 This position requires a passion for writing, a sharp eye for detail and the ability to work well under pressure.

WordPresss / Divi Web Designer

Worldwide / Remote Work / Part-time

Do you have a talent for designing compelling websites based on WordPress?

We are seeking a volunteer to help re-design, update, and assist us in managing our WordPress website. You will be provided with a list of items for which we need help, including changes to pages, plugins, media, and other upgrades. 

We would also appreciate guidance on site maintenance and tips/suggestions for future changes. WordPress experience is a must and familiarity with working with Divi would be desired. 

Video Content Creator

Worldwide / Remote Work / Project-based

As our Video Content Creator, you come to us with the technical skills for this challenge as well as passionate interest in how innovative technology can be a prime mover in promoting peace in social and political environments.
Your job will be to ensure that the Foundation’s video content is creative and compelling enough to generate excitement in various audiences – funders, partners, volunteers, and the general public, and to answer any of the questions a viewer might have.
Your role includes maintaining quality and consistency across video markets, with special attention given to increasing brand visibility.
If you are the right candidate for this opportunity, you are a proficient writer and editor, an original thinker and storyteller, with demonstrable experience turning concepts into marketing videos. You are an avid reader and information gatherer who can quickly learn about complex subjects and distill difficult concepts into language and images that are easy to understand. You also have experience juggling multiple projects at once.

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