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“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.  Vision with action can change the world.”                                – Joel A. Barker, Futurist

PeaceTech Campus

PeaceTech Campus focuses on education that leads to acquiring practical skills, linking them to job placement programmes and helping graduates to start their own businesses.

PeaceTech Campus applies accelerated learning, combined with project-based learning, soft skills, hands-on instruction, and mentorship. Graduates will be matched with employers in need such as the United Nations and given help with job applications that lead to full-time employment or starting a career as an entrepreneur.

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Blockchain for Peace

Blockchain technology is one of the most promising new and transformative technologies. Although blockchain technology has existed for nearly a decade, the market is now seeing viable solutions and applications emerging for blockchain that reach far beyond cryptocurrencies.

We are convinced that blockchain-based and distributed-ledger technology (DLT) solutions have an unrivalled potential for making a lasting impact on peacebuilding humanitarian efforts and sustainable development.

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Field hospitals are the backbone of the medical care provided to peacekeepers and humanitarian workers. However, medical staff such as urgent care doctors, surgeons, neurologists and other specialists are scarce.

The BlueArch initiative will provide expert advice and training to medical personnel in field missions via a technology link to hospitals in developed countries. Through this link, highly qualified medical experts will provide 24/7 ad hoc guidance, analysis and expertise to their peers in the field.

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In a biblical tale, God, observing the building of a tower in the city of Babylon, confounds the speech of the builders so that they can no longer understand each other and scatters them around the world.

Since humanitarian and peacebuilding efforts depend on volunteers, multi-national staff and international peacekeepers, a significant layer of challenge is created by the use of different languages. This language complication frequently leads to miscommunication, incorrect threat assessment, delayed decision-making, and incomplete situational awareness, thus putting Peacekeepers and field staff at risk and possibly costing lives.

Therefore, technology solutions that allow for seamless and language-independent reporting and messaging are urgently needed in order to report incidents, call for help and send standard messages based purely on symbols, together with their individual ID and location information.

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Disaster Resilience

Planning and preparation are the foundation of resilience, allowing us to use make the right decisions regarding infrastructure, organization and resources ahead of the time to be well-prepared to execute plans effectively and efficiently in the time left when a disaster is forecasted to hit a community; to endure the time while the events unfold; and to recover and re-built neighborhoods and communities without delay, allowing the people and business to return to their normal lives fast.
Smart, data-driven decision support and situational awareness, as well as innovative solutions that can optimize evacuation; development of recovery and expert networks; transport of people and logistics; as well as capturing data to coordinate and prioritize response efforts better will make strategic a difference to the communities, to each individual as well as to the region.

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Innovation Factories

In developing countries technology and in particular access to fast and reliable internet service are not only the main factors that enable innovation and attract businesses but also enable those that provide effective metropolitan governance and enhanced security, thereby contributing to education, research and the quality of daily life.

We promote innovation factories as incubators for technology solutions to local problem sets like creating new products from recycled materials, for example, producing wheelchairs and other tools for disabled community members from cast-off materials, or finding new approaches to cleaning water, managing waste and generating sustainable power. 

These innovation factories promote local research that focuses on developing hands-on solutions applicable to the daily life of the people and businesses in the region that have an immediate impact.

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