We Innovate For Peace

Innovation and technology will transform the lives of millions of people,

leading to lasting change, opportunity, prosperity, and peace.

Join us to unleash the true power of technology and innovation.

The Difference

Innovation needs to be inclusive, overcoming welfare, and creating opportunities.

Successful innovation also addresses challenges specific to their local contexts and communities. Innovation will protect humanitarian workers and peacekeepers, empower them and enable the implementation of their causes and mandates more effectively and efficiently.

Our Initiatives

We are the innovation partner of international organisations such as the United Nations, forming project alliances and moving innovative ideas to reality.

We develop and support projects that are solution-driven, combining technology, research, and entrepreneurship, that address the real needs of humanitarian efforts, improves community resilience, and push for impact and real results.

About Us

We are a recognised charitable non-profit organisation.

We are as a charitable, committed to fostering peace, stability and prosperity in underdeveloped regions of the world through promoting innovation, technology, focusing on education, entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, security, and sustained development.


We translate the complex challenges of the United Nations into technology strategies and solutions, creating real change  on the ground.


We design and foster unique partnerships between the technology sector, governments, philanthropies and international organizations.


We develop new integrated approaches to seemingly unsolvable problems, creating sustainable change.


We take risks others can’t. We support projects and boost start-ups that take the chances to innovate for peace.

Stichting Peace Innovation is registered at

Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam

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RSIN 858703555 – ANBI

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The Netherlands

Email: contact@peace-innovation.org

Tel.:    +31 43 204 1320

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