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The Peace Innovation Foundation is a non-profit organization that works on solving some of the most pressing challenges in peacekeeping, humanitarian relief and disaster response.

We are recognized as a charitable “Public Benefit Organisation” (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI) and are recognized with our U.S. Foundation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Our Foundation Board

 All of our distinct Board Members serve in pro-bono positions without pay, dedicating their time and effort to promote the goals of our Foundation.

Axel Weber (Chairman)

Mr Weber is an accomplished senior technologist and innovator with more than 20 years’ experience in aligning business processes with technology in complex and large-scale environments, the planning, and the implementation of cutting-edge technology initiatives.

Mr Weber co-founded several global technology initiatives and is the founder of the Peace Innovation Foundation.

 Dr. Cornelis van Honk (Vice Chairman)

Ambassador (ret.) Dr. van Honk is a distinguished diplomat who worked for the Dutch Foreign Ministry. He represented the Netherlands all over Africa, Europe, and South America.

He has tackled the most difficult, complex global issues with intelligence, integrity, and insight that included demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants, and forming strong alliances with the EU and the UN.

Kurt Mosgaard (General Manager) *Dutch Stichting


Major General (ret.) Mosgaard looks back at a very distinguished military career in the Danish Forces.

He served as Military Adviser at the Danish Permanent Mission to the United Nations, he chaired the C-34 group of the European Union and was appointed as Force Commander to the UN mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO), and worked extensively on international relations and capacity building in Eastern Africa.

Mary Ann Gray (Secretary)

Ms Gray is a distinguished lecturer, linguistic expert and author.

She served in support of the corporate boards of several Fortune-500 companies in the areas of treasury and business development.

Ms Gray supports colleges in the New York area and is assisting foreign students starting their academic careers.

Ira Cohen (Treasurer)

Mr Cohen is an experienced financial services consultant and successful mutual fund executive with over 30 years of financial experience with a strong track record in building trust.

Mr Cohen serves as an Independent Board Trustee for several multi-billion-dollar capital funds, including Chairman of the Governance Committee, Chairman of the Audit Committee for Griffin Capital Funds, and Chairman of the Board for Angel Oak Funds.

Our Board of Advisors

We are proud to be supported by very distinct and accomplished individuals that serve as experts and good-will ambassadors on our Advisory Board. All advisers serve in pro-bono positions without pay, dedicating their time and effort to promote the goals of our Foundation.

Aviv Reshef (Chairman)

Peace operations, humanitarian aid & global impact

 Dr. Joachim Taiber

Sustainable technologies, IoT, automated systems and platforms

 Kevin Chen

Future technologies, blockchain & startups

Hélèn Lumière Ellingsen

Young Entrepreneurs & Volunteer Coordinator

Our Expert Advisers

We couldn’t be happier and more honored to be supported by outstanding experts in their respective fields. They are the backbone of our projects and major contributers to our success.

Ariel Sheikh-Khoni, USA

Strategic Adviser Health & BioPharma

Hrvoje Pavisic, Serbia

Senior Technology Adviser

Timothy Allen, MD, United States

Chief Medical and BioTech Adviser

Urqiua Martinez, Venezuela

Tech & Social Impact Adviser

Ravina Bains, UK/Germany

Strategic Partnerships & TechGirls Ambassador

Harrison Matti, Ghana

TechGirls Ambassador

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